Vostok means "east" in what language?
"Project Longshot" is a proposed plan to send an unmanned probe to this star system closest to Earth?
What country did the miraculous 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team beat in its final game?
Which presidential hopeful's running mate, Lloyd Bentsen, reportedly quipped in '88, "The momentum is ours"?
A precious grayish-white metallic element, or a term to describe Harlow's blonde hair?
Sadly, a few years before this famous French artist died in the Marquesas Islands, he attempted suicide by taking arsenic. Who is he?
What Midwestern college town was named for its location on a curved part of the Saint Joseph River?
Ludwig I's infatuation with the dancer Lola Montez helped ensure his loss of what German kingdom?
What tailless monkeys are famous for living on the Rock of Gibraltar, although most in the wild live in North Africa?
On what river does the legendary beauty Lorelei lure sailors to their deaths?
What body of water is surrounded by Iran, Iraq, Qatar & Kuwait?
In Greek legend, Paris was so enamored with this married woman, he stole her away, thus causing a war?
What quill-covered insectivore which resembles a porcupine rolls up into a ball when frightened?
Which woman, was Israel's King David so enraptured with, that he deliberately sent her husband into battle where he died?
In golf, what is the term for the short-cropped area around the hole?
Spinal Tap cut 35 songs from its act at a 1992 tribute to this Queen singer; he would've "wanted it this way". Name the singer?
What name was Norma McCorvey given in this landmark 1973 Supreme Court case? (She later sought a reversal)
What song, Toni Basil's only hit, featured cheerleaders in the video?
Accepting the GOP nomination for U. S. senate in 1858, he said "A house divided against itself cannot stand"?
What is the second chemical element listed on the periodic table?
What file featured "Everybody's Talkin'" as the theme and Dustin Hoffman as street hustler Ratso Rizzo?
In 2000 he won the Wimbledon men's singles, his 13th Grand Slam title?
"No graven images" is number 2 on what ancient list?
Posters for what 1982 film featured Dustin Hoffman in a red sequined dress?
Gray Davis succeeded him as governor of California?
What "Keystone State", on Dec. 12, 1787 became the second U.S. state to ratify the Constitution?
Frank Wills, the security guard who discovered the Watergate break-in, played himself in this Hoffman film. What is the name of the movie?
Who was the drummer for the Beatles before Ringo joined in 1962?
What is the name of the second of the Harry Potter books?
What film features Dustin Hoffman's character Raymond Babbitt habitually watching "Jeopardy!"?
Which "Great" Russian Czar was the son of Czar Alexis by his second wife Natalya?
Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond were contemporaries at Erasmus Hall High in this borough?
Her brother Nick, nephew George & friend Al Pacino all attended her 2002 funeral in Maysville, Ky., her hometown. Name the famous American singer and actress?
What hard, dark volcanic rock makes up most of the Hawaiian islands?
What word describes 2 words that sound alike but are spelled differently?
What is the most abundant sedimentary rock in the Earth's crust? (Crude oil can be extracted from it)
What branch of linguistics deals with the sounds of speech?
What veggie was almost uneaten in the U.S. until the D'Arrigo Bros. Produce Company started marketing it in the 1920s?
This movie heartthrob isn't "From Hell" or from "Sleepy Hollow"; he's from Owensboro, Ky.?
In a Billy Joel hit, she's "looking for a downtown man"?
What type of rock from Georgia was used to sculpt the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial?
The Winchester '73 and the Colt .45 have both been referred to as "the gun that" did this?
What Mideastern boundary river rises on the slopes of Mount Hermon?
In alphabetical order, name the 3 spokesmen for Rice Krispies?
The LS 400 and the ES 250 were the first models of what luxury car line from Toyota?
What river is formed by the junction of the Luvua & Lualaba in the African country named for it?
What is the second-most registered dog breed at the American Kennel Club?
What popular muscle car was the Indy 500 pace car in 1964, the first year of its release?
What NBA team took the 1975 championship?
In the 1940s if you weren't commie enough to be "red" people used this 5-letter epithet that was a shade lighter?
The USA's tallest bridge towers are the 746-foot steel peaks of this structure?
November 16, 1952: For the first time, she holds a football for Charlie Brown to kick?
The Continental & the Town Car are models from what Ford division?
The USA's 2 top-selling magazines are Reader's Digest & TV Guide; what "Better" magazine comes in third?
What is the Term for the astronomical event that heralds the beginning of summer?
What is a 4-letter Italian term for the boss of a crime syndicate?
What is the 2-word term for the peak listening period when rush hour commuters are in their cars?
What magazine's website says it's "more than a magazine to Black America. it's a way of life"?
Who set John Wilkes Booth's broken leg in 1865?
Unable to run for a third term as Pres. of Serbia, he made himself Pres. of Yugoslavia on July 23, 1997. Who is he?
What game was introduced around 1928 as Hop Ching checkers?
What game is won by getting the rope with a ball attached wrapped completely around the pole?
Who invented both the telegraph & a famous code still used today?
What Swiss city served as the seat of the League of Nations from 1920 to 1946?
What movie from 2003 has a shark named Bruce as a member of the Fish-Eaters Anonymous?
What famous woman from the wild west was known as "The Peerless Lady Wingshot", touring with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for 17 years?
What famous captain set out on his third voyage in 1776, one from which he'd never return?
According to Forbes, what actor who died in a 1955 car crash still managed to earn $5 million in 2003?
At her husband James' inauguration party in 1813, she served ice cream? Who was she?
What state's university has its main campus in College Park?
What country's one-dollar coin is nicknamed the Loonie?
Most of the oregano sold in the U.S. is made from the dried leaves of what plant?
For luck on his 1961 space flight, What dimes, last produced in 1945, did Gus Grissom take along?
Vince Lombardi has the highest winning percentage of any NFL coach in history: what "MNF" announcer is a close second?
What country has a Celtic harp on the back of their euro?
After 41 seasons in the same city, what NFL team moved to Pontiac, Michigan in 1975?
What 4-word motto is on all U.S. coins?
What desert plant that looks part cactus, part tree bears the name of the man chosen by Moses to be his successor?
In the '20s the alleged spirit powers of a famous medium named Mina Crandon, also known as Margery, caused a rift between what 2 men, a magician & a writer?
What is the name of the Apollo 15 command module or the shuttle first launched in 1992?
What word means a 150th anniversary?
What "Space Odyssey" author suggested a space-based telecommunication system in 1945?
What city has the Jin Mao Building, China's tallest?
In 1965, Belyayev just had to sit there while his partner Leonov became the first to do this?
What is the trademarked name of a 32-ounce soft drink at 7-Eleven?
What instrument, often attached to an inflatable cuff, is used to measure blood pressure?
What planet reached its closest point to Earth in nearly 60,000 years on August 27, 2003?
What restaurant named for a certain dessert is known for its large menu & giant portions?
A person who fought against slavery, like John Brown, was termed what 12-letter word?
NASA has 134 of these & has no current plan to hire more?
What "male" brand of frozen dinners contains more than 1 pound of food? (the XXL line has 1 1/2 pounds)
What actor & Verizon spokesman from Dublin, Mich. first used a phone when he won a college scholarship?
To catch the BBC at 1700 UTC, or Universal Time Coordinated, what morning hour Pacific Standard time would you need to tune it?
What TV show featured younger versions of classic Warner Bros. animated characters?
The name Micronesia comes from 2 Greek words, micro & nesos, which mean this?
Mainly funded by the CIA, what broadcasting operation began transmitting behind the Iron Curtain in 1949?
In the 1934 Disney cartoon "The Big Bad Wolf", who warns Red about the wolf waiting at Grandma's house?
Probably the most famous ukulele player to have a top 40 hit, his name came from a Charles Dickens character. Who is he?
What flying mammal is the only native mammal in Micronesia?
Name the popcorn magnate who burst into the world on July 16, 1907 in Brazil, Indiana?

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