Which author wrote Terms of Endearment, The Last Picture Show and Lonesome Dove ?
Physicians take an oath to uphold medical ethics, which was named for which person?
Residents of which state got their nickname from the tar seeping out of the ground that became a major product of the state?
These two cities, located about 30 miles apart, combined their metropolitan areas and now total 10,000 square miles, the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, after NY, LA, and Chicago. Which two cities are they?
Born in New York City, her career began in 1961 when she won a New York talent contest. In 1962 she made her Broadway debut, in 1964 her movie debut, and in 1968 she won an Oscar. Who was she?
Who was the original host of the TV game show Jeopardy ?
What two words beginning with the letter "P", described the ruling class and the common people of ancient Rome.
February 2 is known as Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. According to popular legend, an early spring is predicted if, on that day, the groundhog does what?
Which disease was appropriately named after the dark splotches it formed on its victims' bodies in the 14th century?
What three letter name did the band formerly known as "Slut Bank" and "Twisted Kites" finally settle on?
The first Emmy Award ever won by a show on the Fox TV network was the same show that introduced the Simpsons cartoon. What was it?
The Western-most point in the continental United States is located in which state?
What is the southernmost capital city in the world?
Which former student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology later became Prime Minister of Israel?
The Constitution of the former USSR declared ... what? ... to be the duty of all citizens of the republic?
Who accused the automobile industry of producing dangerous cars, when he wrote the book Unsafe at Any Speed?
The longest stretch of straight railroad track in the world, over 300 miles long without a turn, is located in which country?
Which inventor in 1793 developed a cotton gin that could do the work of 50 men?
Sir Laurence Olivier won an Academy Award in 1948 for his film portrayal of which Shakespearean character?
Around the time of the first World War, all the countries along the Mediterranean coast of Northern Africa were controlled by either France or Great Britain, except for Libya, which was controlled by which other European nation?
To the nearest whole number, what is the area of a triangle whose sides all measure 10 inches?
What plant kingdom includes yeasts, molds, and mushrooms?
Which 16-year old girl, grandniece of Henry VIII, was Queen of England for 9 days in 1553, then beheaded a year later?
Sometimes called the "Napoleon of Crime," who was Sherlock Holmes' arch rival?
Located on the Thames River opposite Windsor is the largest and most famous of England's public schools. It was founded by Henry VI in 1440. What's the name?
This American physician and army surgeon proved in 1901 that yellow fever is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquito. A medical center outside Washington, D.C. is named for him. Who is he?
Formerly, this capital city in Africa was known as Salisbury, Rhodesia. Today the city and country are known by what names?
What occupation was portrayed on television by each of these actors: Bill Cosby, Robert Vaughn, Diana Rigg, Don Adams?
What is the third most populous country in the world?
The heaviest crustacean ever captured measured 3 foot 6 inches long and weighed 44 pounds. What kind of animal was it?
Born in Hungary in 1847, he became an American journalist and publisher who eventually purchased the New York Sun and the St. Louis Evening Dispatch newspapers. Who was he?
Famous quotation from 1992. Which person said, "People, I just want to say, you know, can we all just get along"
The Taronga Zoo is famous for its koala walkabout exhibit. Name the Australian port city where it is located?
Water moves through cellular membranes to equalize pressure in what process?
His attempt to escape Bucharest by helicopter failed in 1989, & after a tribunal he & his wife Elena were shot?
After an anti-Roman uprising in 40 B.C., this despot fled to Rome, where the Senate elected him King of Judea?
"Hello, Gorgeous!" was Barbra Streisand's first line in this musical, her first film?
What 2002 flick earned Oscar nominations for Queen Latifah, Renee Zellweger & Catherine Zeta-Jones?
6 elements make up 99% of a cell's weight: carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur & these familiar 2?
Which Democratic president was featured on the $100,000 bill? It was discontinued in 1969.
Hot Kansas summers and no A/C got this federal prison its nickname "the hot house"?
He won more than 50 Indy car races before he retired in 1994?
He's the only Civil War general currently depicted on U.S. money?
What is the name for any artificial bait used to attract fish?
It's the period when prisoners are restricted to cells after a disturbance?
Patricia Clarkson picked up an Emmy in 2002 for guest-starring on what HBO show?
In 1792 Congress passed the Coinage Act, which authorized construction of a mint. In what city was the mint located?
Name the first lady who survived the President by 39 years & was married to an archaeology professor at the time of her own death in 1947?
Who was the UN Secretary-General who accompanied Anwar Sadat on his historic trip to Israel in 1977?
Which amendment to the Constitution passed in 1933 repealed prohibition?
Mozart's wife & father are buried in St. Sebastian cemetery in what city? (you won't find Mozart with them)
His establishment of the St. Louis Refrigerator Car Co. in 1878 enabled his beer to be distributed on a large-scale basis. Who is he?
Born in Ghana in 1938, name the U.N. Secretary-General who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2001?
Playing for the New York Mets, he was named the 1983 National League Rookie of the Year. Who is he?
Who was the 1956 Rookie of the Year with Cincinnati, and the first player to be MVP in both the AL & NL?
What extinct flying reptile from the Cretaceous Period, had a wingspan of about 25 feet?
Name the philosopher & partner of Engels who took up residence in London after being expelled from Prussia in 1849? He's also know for a manifesto.
What center fielder who hit 660 homers & won 2 NL MVP awards started his pro career in the Negro Leagues?
An audio oscillator was the first product from this company, founded by 2 Stanford classmates in 1939? Name the company.
An organelle in the cytoplasm of cells that functions in energy production?
The forerunner to breast milk produced in late pregnancy has less sugar & more protein than mature milk. What is it called?
What term did sociologist Michael Young coin for a system that rewards the talented?
GEICO insurance & Fruit of the Loom are among the many subsidiaries of Warren Buffett's holding company. What is the name of his company?
Name 1 of 3 Texans to serve as Speaker of the House?
604,800 seconds equal one of these?
What Gene Hackman hoop movie was called "Best Shot" in Europe due to fears that no one would understand the U.S. Title?
What famous reporter said in 1942 London, "Although the Christmas table will not be lavish, there will be Spam for everyone"
Who is the only American-born member of Monte Python? He's directed movies like "Brazil" & "The Fisher King"
Which U.S. state consumes more Spam per capita than any other, making dishes like Spam musubi?
Which controversial Monty Python film's tagline in Sweden read, "The film that is so funny it was banned in Norway"?
Which title Shakespeare king is tormented by the ghost of Banquo while he's attending a banquet?
Beating out "A Clockwork Orange", this Python film won best British film of all time in an Amazon.com poll?
What Austin, Minnesota corporation known for its deli meats & chili, created Spam?
It's the largest nation in area in Central America?
Created in 1937, Spam is a combination of these 2 words?
What Portuguese island group in the N. Atlantic was uninhabited when discovered in 1427? (now it has over 200,000 people)
Hongwu, was the first emperor of what famous dynasty?
During WWII Malta controlled the sea lanes between North Africa & this Italian island 50 miles from Malta. Name the island.
Uno is a version of this wacky-sounding card game called huit americain in France?
It was ranked as the world's most expensive city in a 2003 annual cost-of-living survey. What city is it?
Ford Madox Ford, in the '20s, hadn't "read more than six words" by this man before vowing to "publish everything he sent me"?
In 1094 this Spanish warrior seized Valencia, a Muslim stronghold, & ruled it until his death on July 10, 1099?
Methane in the atmosphere is responsible for the blue-green coloring of these 2 planets?
The king of England who abdicated the throne on Dec. 11, 1936 because he couldn't discharge his duties without "the woman I love"?
This continent's Sydney funnel-web spider brags that it makes the black widow look like the girl next door?
In 1469 this prince & princess married; within 10 years almost all of what is now Spain came under their control?
Of Walter Chrysler, Louis Chevrolet or Ransom Olds, which one raced in the Indy 500?
In 1947 a team from Wiliamsport, Pa. won the very first edition of this youth sports championship?
This term for African-American English first became popular after a 1996 Oakland School Board decision?
A 2003 USA today survey of all time great NLF QBs revealed the top 4 all have first names beginning with this letter?
What nautical trophy was won by New Zealand's Black Magic in 1995 and 2000?
Of Woolworth, Wordsworth or Wadsworth, which one was a stamp distributor in Westmoreland County?
According to the FDIC, A record 222 of these failed or needed aid in 1988?
It's a decorative bottle used for serving wine?
What English soccer star became the first Westerner to appear on ad billboards in Iran since 1979?
New Zealand was named for the Province of Zeeland in what country?
Of the Osmonds, the Osbournes or the Oswalds, which family got MTV its highest ratings?
Insert 1 letter in "death" to get this word meaning "an insufficient supply"?
Which New Zealander took on the giant task of making 3 films at once about the little hobbits?
Of hippo, rhino or croc, the one whose common name has the most letters?

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